Lawn Maintenance services


Lawn Cutting

We have 2 plans available based on the growth of your lawn.

  • 18-20 cuts for clients who take pride in their grass and water often.
  • 12-14 Cuts for clients who let mother nature do all the work.
  • Our charge can range between $20 and $40 a cut depending on your property size and/or easy access to your back yard for less time consuming machinery.

    New sod installation or

    We strongly suggest re-seeding existing damaged lawns instead of new sod installation as it is less expensive and can result in amazing results.

    As for new home development, Sod installation is the way to go, as we can adjust levels of your land for that perfect look.

    Fertilization Program

    We do not use any form of liquid chemicals for weed control, however our approach is simple and healthier. We use granular fertilization that promotes grass growth. There are 5 times a year where fertilization should be used, all at different levels for specific times of the season, as well as adding cornmeal to your grass in the spring slows down weed growth.

    Along with a fertilization program and cutting your grass no shorter than 3 inches, promotes longer and healthier grass roots. In the end grass will dominate over weeds, suffocating them out.

    Our fertilization package starts at $325 for the entire season.

    Aeration and de-thatching

    Although many people may aerate their lawns in the spring, we feel that aeration done in the fall provides better results, as the ground has dried up from the winter season, therefor less chance of water accumulation in holes.

    De-thatching is also a way of allowing air to reach your soil, as it pulls up all the compounded grass from the previous season, and allows the earth to soak in the rain at a higher rate which may result in less saturation on your lawn. We recommended this step in the spring.