Your Landscaping Dreams


Garden Walks

If you are fortunate enough to have an abundant area for your garden, bring a flagstone walkway into the design that would give that rustic look to your natural space.

Your big projects

Turning your new undeveloped land into the ultimate backyard living space. There is no limit to what we can do for you as long as you can imagine it.

Your feng shui

Creation of a natural looking waterway to your outdoor oasis, flowing to your inground pool. There is not really much more to say about this peace of mind.

Lounging Areas

Outside entertainment is something everyone loves to organize. The perfect space helps accomplish your perfect day.

I am pleased to announce that for your Pavé Uni needs John Morris and I have partnered up again, after all these years With the growing new development in our region it is important for new homeowners to not worry about who they are hiring. Mr. Morris has an undisputable reputation in and around St. Lazare and I’m excited to bring his talent to our area.